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Would you drive a car without a speedometer, gas gauge, and oil pressure gauge? Then why operate your assets without the same instantaneous monitoring equipment? In today’s fast paced business environment and markets, timely, quality, context relevant information is a critical component for making faster and more informed decisions.

NextGen Software considers SCADA and Field Data Capture a core component of its Production Performance Information StrategySM. Knowing and controlling your assets performance is where it all starts. The core of any information system is its data. Efficiently collecting time series data is a must. Remotely controlling assets leads to performance improvements. A comprehensive SCADA and Field Data Capture solution is therefore crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage -

  Optimize asset performance through automation (up to 50% in some cases).
  Maximize market prices through real time Production monitoring.
  Insure decline curve and economic projections accuracy by comparing an asset's actual vs. forecasted performance during the critical Initial Production stage.
  Near real-time Management dashboards identifying performance vs. forecasts, market conditions, and KPI measures.
  Focus limited, valued field staff on asset improvement rather than unproductive driving time.
  Reduce asset downtime by automated notifications prior to development of shut-in situations.
  Prevent catastrophic failures through real time monitoring against equipment thresholds.
  Reduce nomination and imbalance penalties through accurate daily production projections.

NextGen Software works with several SCADA and field automation device manufacturers including CygNet, eLynx Technologies, Control Microsystems, Flow Data, AutoSol and OSIsoft.