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NextGen Software’s PPI StrategySM streamlines the flow of information between SCADA and Field Data Capture (FDC), Measurement, Engineering, Production Accounting, Revenue Accounting, Joint Interest Billing, Land, Land Administration, Asset Management, Marketing and Well Master applications, then applies industry leading analysis, reporting and portal tools to present the right information to those who need it. Combining quality data from all production relevant sources with proper analytical tools reduces decision making cycles, brings a higher level of decision confidence, and presents the opportunity to maximize production by examining trends and comparisons previously unavailable or too costly to prepare.

NextGen Software developed its PPI StrategySM after extensive experiences with companies such as Apache, Barrett Resources, Bill Barrett Corporation, EnCana Oil & Gas (USA), Oxy, Petro-Lewis, Samuel Gary Jr. and Associates, Tom Brown, and many others.

PPI StrategySM Benefits 

Benefits realized from NextGen Software projects include -

  Maximize market prices through real time Production monitoring (SCADA).
  Insure decline curve and economic projections accuracy by comparing an asset's actual vs. forecasted performance during the critical Initial Production stage.
  Efficient Production Accounting for allocations and regulatory reporting.
  Asset Life Cycle Management.
  Near real-time Management dashboards identifying performance vs. forecasts, market conditions, and KPI measures.
  Surveillance and Diagnostic reports incorporating estimated, actual, allocated, trended and forecasted production, combined with revenue and expenses to provide a complete view of an asset’s performance.
  Focus limited, valued field staff on asset improvement rather than unproductive driving time.
  Optimize asset performance through automation.
  Reduce asset downtime by automated notifications prior to development of shut-in situations.
  Prevent catastrophic failures through real time monitoring against equipment thresholds.
  Minimize revenue loss during Preventative Maintenance cycles with proactive scheduling based on asset specifications.
  Reduce nomination and imbalance penalties through accurate daily production projections.
  Consistent volumetric measurement and composition analysis policies and procedures.
  Sarbanes-Oxley and AGA compliance through auditable and managed data throughout the production cycle.