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i2x Workflow

Submitting invoices to ADP’s OpenInvoice or ConocoPhillips/Burlington Resources ePayable's system can be quick, simple and easy with i2x™.  

i2x powerful process submits your accounting system's invoices to your customers with a couple of mouse clicks saving time and money by avoiding duplicate invoice entry and retyping errors.  i2x’s simple, easy to use interface makes it a snap to upload invoices with any number of line items. 

Over 35 US and Canadian Operating Companies use ADP's OpenInvoice web portal to receive your invoice. Use one i2x solution to upload invoices to all those customers! Just upload the i2x processed file, review the results, and submit. 

ConocoPhillips/Burlington Resources uses their ePayables system to recieve invoices. i2x submits both your invoice and supporting documentation.

Why print and mail invoices or retype them when you can start the Accounts Receivable clock immediately with a few mouse clicks!  No retyping – no typing errors.  How much easier can invoice submittal be?

Suppliers across North America are realizing
i2x’s benefits!

i2x Benefits

   Get paid faster since customers receive and begin processing invoices immediately.
  Submit invoices in less time than it takes to print the envelopes.
   Enter Charge Code information once and let i2x apply it to all invoice lines.
  Split single invoice lines to multiple AFE or Cost Centers by equal or un-equal percentages.
  Focus on value-added tasks, not repetitive, time-consuming, error prone retyping.
  Save 90+% of the time it takes to submit invoices.
  Invoices are sent directly from your computer to OpenInvoice or ConocoPhillips/ Burlington Resources. Once submitted, they have it!

Bottom Line: Gain the efficiencies of electronic invoicing without increasing invoice processing costs!

i2x Adapters
i2x works with many accounting systems and is always adding new ones. Contact us if you do not see your accounting system listed - we will create it for you!

  QuickBooks Canada
  QuickBooks Online
  Simply Accounting
   Any SQL database accounting system like
      - BusinessVision
      - Microsoft Dynamics
      - Microsoft Great Plains
      - SAP
      - or other custom SQL database
  Microsoft Excel
  Special MS Excel Water Hauler Format

For more information about the i2x solution,
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