The Integration Solution Suite for Invoices, Field Tickets and More!

Submitting invoices and field tickets may now become the most efficient part of your work day! Simply put, NextGen Software's i2x Integration Solution Suite entirely eliminates the need to re-enter or re-type data from your accounting system into web portals such as ADP Invoice, ConocoPhillips/Burlington Resources and others.

The invoice and field ticket integration of the i2x Suite function like a translator, allowing your computer's systems to communicate efficiently with the systems used by your customers. Choose from i2x Standard or i2x Premier, and with just a couple of mouse clicks, your documents are safely and securely uploaded directly into your web portal. Imagine, no more endless hours wasted on retyping data!

What else can the i2x Integration Solution Suite do for you?

    Shorten your accounts receivable time

    Eliminate paper invoices completely, including the costs of postage and envelopes

    Safely and securely upload invoices and/or field tickets in seconds

    Eliminate clerical errors or accidental duplications

    Cut invoice and field ticket submission times by more than 90%

    Reduce office overhead by minimizing staffing requirements

    Allow you to easily submit invoices to new electronic invoicing customers

    Fortify your systems with exclusive data entry shortcuts that eliminate redundant data entry steps

    Offer future expandability and capabilities to further support your business needs

Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of error-free submissions! And the i2x Suite is easy to use! NextGen Software's technical support and training teams are waiting to assist you!

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